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Current shipping times are 1-2 business days, excluding weekends.

Monthly Sub Bag - SIGNUPS OPEN 3/10

Welcome to the monthly sub bag subscription page!



April will be Zia Nails' 50th subscription bag!

This page will be open 3/10-3/25 (or until full) to give you time to subscribe. Each month I will be adding more spots to allow additional members. Subscribe button will only be visible if signup is open and spots are available.

Bags will ship out on April 1st.  

For $13 each bag will include:

2 - 0.25oz exclusive coordinating dips in jars (these will not be added to the mainline)

1 - extra accessory

A special code assigned to you that will give you 20% off all future purchases for as long as you are subscribed. Your code will be included in your first bag. If you cancel, your code will also be canceled. If you need your code right away to make a purchase, please message the page on Facebook or at the email below.

Free Shipping on the bag!

Once you click on the subscribe button below, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your subscription. (Button will only be visible during signup period) You may use PayPal or credit/debit card. Your subscription will automatically renew each month until canceled, so you will NOT need to sign up each month. It will auto-draft on the same day you sign up, (i.e sign up 1/18, next payment will be 2/18). If your payment fails to draft on your recurring payment, it will automatically be tried 2 more times (every 5 days). If all 3 attempts fail, the subscription is suspended automatically by PayPal and you will not receive that months bag and you will have to resign up the next month.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure the shipping address on your PayPal account is where you would like your bag sent to, I will not resend if you fail to update the address. If it is different for whatever reason, please email me at sburrell6521@gmail.com or send a Facebook message to the page so I can make sure that I have the right address listed for you. I don't mind double checking what address I have for you if you are unsure. I manually enter in the addresses to Stamps.com, so if it’s different I won’t know unless you tell me. If you move, please send a quick message with your new address to the above email or to the Facebook page, PayPal doesn't alert me if you make a change in the subscription (I wish it did).

Your subscription can be found in your PayPal account, it will not show up in your orders. If you can't find what you are needing in your PayPal account, message me at the above email or on Facebook and I can help with finding your subscription. 

You will get a shipment notification from Stamps.com or from Zia Nails Custom Dips Powders (I am not sure how it will show on your end) with your tracking number up to 3 days before the 1st. Just know, the bags will go out on the 1st unless I make an announcement that they will be going out early. You must notify me within 7 days of your tracking being marked delivered and if you didn't receive it. The longer you wait you notify me, there's more of a chance we won't be able to find out where it is. Replacements will not be sent if you fail to notify me in a timely manner. It's also likely I may not have extras to replace it with if you fail to notify me. Extras are sold after as I receive notification that all bags are delivered.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Happy to have you as a sub bag member.

To SUBSCRIBE click the link below:
To UNSUBSCRIBE click the link below: